Saturday, 20 July 2013

Some Behind-the-Scenes Footage

One of these days, I promise I'll sit down and write something of a more substantial update on my Blogger site. I'm aware that for the past few entries I have mainly used it to link to my YouTube channel, and that makes me feel somewhat guilty- perhaps I need to more evenly distribute my energy more equally between the visual media and written forms of communication.

Below you will find a behind-the-scenes video of yesterday's shoot of my British psychological horror film, beautiful. It's the first time I've filmed in almost a year, and to add to pressure, we had only 3 hours to set up and complete filming. Thankfully we did it. I have some concerns about a background buzz of equipment being captured quite loudly behind dialogue, and I'll have to consider how to amend this upon reaching the editing phase. Still, we did it, and it's been such an ongoing struggle to try and locate a bar, that I am HUGELY relieved!

Enjoy the video, I hope it conveys how well-humoured cast and crew are, I'm incredibly lucky to surround myself with the people I do. For those of you who are able to please comment and rate, it's always fantastic to get feedback from others.

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