Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New (ish) Year!

Goodness, 2013 already! It is quite terrifying how quickly time flies by. We have been filming beautiful for around 18 months now, in total. Christmas, as i learnt last year, is a bad time to schedule filming. People want to relax, see friends and family, and, if I'm completely honest, i was grateful for it. Not a hugely inspiring sentiment, but the idea of 3 weeks of annual leave where I could just enjoy food and family and friends was exactly what I needed. Though filming can provide a fantastic contrast to my day-to-day-work, it is not exactly restful, and at this point in time, rest is what I needed.

It was also a lovely opportunity to just hang out with some of the cast and crew, who I consider to be friends. And though filming can be a very sociable thing, there's something really nice about just catching up with people I've grown close to over a bite to eat, where there isn't the time pressure of knowing I have a scene to complete.

Having said that, I haven't been COMPLETELY unproductive, and present below a second trailer for my independent British horror film Beautiful. It's partially a way of reflecting on how much new footage we have captured in the past year, since I last put together a preview for the film. I suppose the intention is to keep people interested, including cast and crew, but I don't it's a cynical intention- I think people need a glimpse of what it is we are walking towards, and as work has prevented me from editing full scenes as of late, this is at least some idea of where the film is heading.

Enjoy it, my fellow bloggers, and I'll be sure to keep you updated once filming resumes!

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