Friday, 23 March 2012

The Dreadfulness of Fancy Dress Shops.

A very quick update for you all about the woes of seeking costumes. Yesterday I was looking for a monk's outfit, quite an important aspect of the film, and certainly something I would hope has visual impact on screen.

Here are photos of the 'offerings' I came across. I could let you be the judge, but let me save you the effort. They are dreadful. How you can charge someone £25 a night for this synthetic weave stuff is beyond me- it's like they were made from recycled tights or something.

Nope, it seems getting the outfit tailor made is the only way to go. More expense, but I'm hoping (perhaps naively) that making an effort with these details will help add a sense of polish to my ultra- low budget horror film. If it looks good it'll be worth it!

On a completely mature note, why are fancy dress shop owners so miserable? You'd think they'd be all about the fun, right ?