Saturday, 19 November 2011

A New Vlog, Joys of Technology and On Not Being Discovered!

Above you will see my latest vlog, placed on YouTube around 12 hours ago. It has, at the time of typing, received a whole one view (my own.) By the time I finally decided to set up a YouTube Channel, Twitter and Facebook as a way of drumming up some interest in my film project(s) and linking with others, I think I'd been seduced by ideas of being 'discovered.' Now I'm not talking about fame or fortune- I'm simply talking about viewing numbers. And even then, I think I was never so deluded to think millions, or even hundreds of thousand. No. I was merely expected more than one view in 12 hours!

This is by no means off putting (yet!) I've befriended a handful of friendly fellow filmmakers, and so on a small scale there is a sense of community and mutual support. It has felt warmer and, dare I say it, far less pretentious than some video production forums and groups I've attended in the past. It does make me wonder, however, if somehow I have 'missed the boat' when it comes to getting some kind of online presence. Or if simply the level of 'competition', in the form of established vloggers, tv channel content and more mainstream appealing content (like videos of cats and babies) means a newcomer is going to be relatively invisible.

Of course my videos may simply just be rubbish. A relative stranger I shared my YouTube link with commented that my videos had the feel of a 'late night skype conversation with someone you're trying to pull.'  The moral? Don't share your YouTube links with an arsehole, but more than that perhaps there's something about not being able to please everybody. Time will tell if things shift, and I am still currently enjoying my online presence, so I'm willing to hold on in there.

Iphone 4s- my new best friend.
My last Blog entry was a short complaint about feeling very cut off from the world due to a lack of broadband and a phone network that had very little in the way of coverage here in the South-East. In complete contrast I would like to take a moment to praise (read: gloat about) my recently purchased Iphone 4s. Despite being away from my video and sound recording equipment, I was able to film, edit and upload the above Vlog in the course of one evening, with the only additional expense being a purchase of the iMovie app. There was something very liberating about that. It's amazing to think of how much (and now I officially begin to sound ancient) phones have moved on since I was younger, and just the level of possibility it opens up in terms getting information out there. Hopefully between this phone and my trip back and forth to Birmingham will enable at least some consistency in placing content online.

I'm thinking ahead to Christmas and what I hope will be a successful period of filming. I've actually missed it, and the people, alot so it will feel like a real homecoming, despite having only last been there in September! Expect an update soon!

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